Senior Adult Ministries

"Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, do not forsake me, until I declare Your strength to this generation, Your power to everyone who is to come."

Psalm 71:18

Mission Statement

The Senior Adult ministry of CBC is a vital and vibrant ministry. We exist to glorify God and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to edify the body of Christ. Our desire is to encourage others, and pray that they see Christ in us so that they may know God and obey Him.

Our Seniors

We love our Seniors here at Chiquola. They are the group of servants who paved the way through the years to help build a strong church. Their desire is to leave a legacy for the Lord behind them. Our Senior Saints are compassionate about reaching out to others in the name of Christ Jesus. The Senior Adult ministry of CBC desires to serve you and help you serve others. We want to challenge you to finish strong in the race of life by being faithful and fruitful for Jesus !

We have a few trips we plan throughout the year and we also have a monthly fellowship time together on every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:30 am with food and fellowship!