Chiquola Baptist Church Music Ministry

 “I will be glad and rejoice in thee: I will sing praise to thy name, O Thou Most High”. [Psalm 9:2]

The Music Ministry of CBC is committed to Exalting the Savior, Edifying the Saints, and Evangelizing the Sinner through the music presented each week. Our method is music, our message is Jesus, and our reason is eternity!

If you are interested in using your talents to serve God through music, we have a place for you! We offer an adult choir as well as a children’s choir. We also have many other opportunities for those who would like to sing in ensembles as well!

Donnie Smith is our Music Minister. (Shown Below)


Mission Statement

This Music Ministry exists to provide an environment where everyone who is involved in this ministry can develop a lifestyle of personal worship, participate in dynamic corporate worship, and where non-believers are confronted with the gospel of Jesus Christ in a creative and compelling way.

God equips each of us with gifts, talents, abilities, desires, and passions for different areas of ministry. We believe your area of service and ministry should line up with your passion, talent, and spiritual gift(s).

When you join any area of our music ministry you bring with you all those areas of talents, gifts, abilities, personality, experience and spiritual gifts to help make this music ministry a unique ministry. In music, the level of talent may vary widely, but the passion and desire is the same for all. The goal is to know God and to Make Him known through Christ Jesus the Lord!